BIAB Bourbon is a full bodied Bourbon with a hint of oak, along with a balance of caramel and vanilla flavors creating a defined taste.

Tequila Blanco
BIAB Tequila is smooth and clean with a hint of oak. It has aromas of green and cooked agave with herbal and slightly woody notes. Finish is smooth, clean, and warming.
Rye Whiskey
BIAB hand selected Rye Whiskey is packaged as 40% / 80 Proof. The BIAB Rye Whiskey is full bodied, smooth, and has the distinctive characteristics of rye balanced with malted flavors.
BIAB has crafted a lucent but smooth bodied Rum. The classic style of white Rum is packaged at 40% / 80 Proof and is enjoyed with a slice of lime, lemon, or tropical fruits.
We have created a perfectly balanced flavor, packaged at 40% / 80 Proof. Our English inspired Gin is very smooth with a clear, crisp finish. The BIAB Gin has a very pleasant aroma and is ideal over ice, tonic, or with your favorite fruit mix.