BIAB Co-Designs Our First
Fully Automated Flex Bag Filling Machine

In Partnership, BIAB will be manufacturing our own automated filling stations.

Stoney Creek, Ontario Canada – August 14, 2020 – Booze in a Bag™ (BIAB the “Company”) – We are pleased to announce the co-design and manufacturing of our first automated filling machine. In the past we were using other manufacturer’s filling equipment. Based on their extremely high cost and lengthy ordering time restrictions, we have decided to work with a local manufacturer that has similar filling equipment; together we re-designed and re-tooled this equipment to meet BIAB’s high filling needs. Having access to our own filling equipment will be an instant game changer for BIAB. We will no longer have to rely on secondary partners to not only manufacture this specialty equipment, we will also, and for the first time, control where our products will be filled, when they will be filled, and by whom they will be filled. We need to have control of our filling process and no longer rely on third-party, high-priced past co-packers. We have already started the process, and under a “BIAB License filling Agreement” we will have BIAB filling partners on a global basis says Paul Neelin, BIAB Founder. We are working with groups in the US, Montreal, the Caribbean and for early 2021 a European filling partner for that region. The filling machines will be adaptable for different size flex bags and will be multi-functional for all types of liquids, including our BIAB Gel and/or Liquid Hand Sanitizer says Diane Hope, BIAB Founder.

ABOUT THE AUTOMATED FILLING MACHINE: Working with our manufacturing partner, and after several design meetings, we will now start the manufacturing process of the first and exclusive BIAB Filling Machine estimated to be operational in 4-6 weeks. The empty flex bags will be hand placed onto a conveyor belt and two at a time fed onto a rotating turntable, and the empty flex bags will align with the six rotating fillers. The hydraulic robot will lift off and hold the flex bag pour spout (tap), then pump oxygen into the empty flex bag; this will expand the bag, preventing any spillage. With the selected alcohol (or any liquid), the filling machine will then automatically fill the flex bag with the selected product from a pre-delivered 300-gallon tote. The robot will then place and permanently attach the pour spout to complete the filling process. The full bags continue to rotate off the turntable onto the attached packaging station where they are boxed and ready for shipping. The BIAB automated filling machine will fill six (6) flex bags simultaneously with estimates of 28-30 x 1.75L flex bags per minute. Or 1,800 per hour. Each filling machine will have a wireless digital counter installed, verifying the amount of flex bags not only sold, but filled hourly, daily, weekly, quarterly, and annually.

ABOUT BIAB: BIAB, based in both Western New York and Ontario, Canada was established in October 2017 as the world’s first company to bring a direct spirit in a 1.75-liter disposable, stand-up flex bag. We trademarked and patented certain aspects of this market disrupting opportunity. Our Premium Spirits are retailed in lightweight, very convenient, shatterproof packaging. The long-term goal of Booze in a Bag™ is to provide quality, budget friendly, Premium, and Super Premium Spirits for people that have active lifestyles. With the addition of our “Hardware Division” for the design and build of digital hand washing stations, Tailgater Grills and our own flex bag filling machines.

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