BIAB To Offer A Secure Single Shot Program Under the “Stadium Series™” Brand

Stadium Series to offer secure, tamper-proof, no spillage, single shot offering

Niagara Falls, NY – October 26, 2020 – Booze in a Bag™ (BIAB the “Company”) – BIAB is incredibly pleased to announce that we will be offering secure, sealed single shots under the BIAB / Stadium Series brand starting in January, 2021. The concept was created by the team at Ripshot. It is very convenient, secure, and great for inventory control. “It is a very clever concept that simplifies a perfect shot with no spillage every time” says Paul Neelin, BIAB Founder. We plan to launch the concept under our “Stadium Series Brand” at both on and off premise. Retailed in eight (8) packs and nine (9) flavors, we offer something for everyone. “It really makes sense, the actual shot glass is made from eco-friendly, 100% recyclable plastic and will fit directly in-line with the BIAB in-place eco-friendly flex bags” says Diane Hope, BIAB Founder.

ABOUT RIPSHOT™: The notion of Ripshot was born on a warm Canadian night between friends. As one returned with half spilled shot glasses, conversation turned into frustration as stories were shared about drinks being tampered with. “We have taken what was an honest and compassionate idea to reduce spills and contamination to create the first fully tamperproof shot glass. As of 2017, Ripshot™ is Internationally Patent Pending. We are looking forward to working with BIAB and their distribution network in both the US and Canada” says Kieran Hooey, Co-Founder and President of Ripshot™.

ABOUT BIAB: BIAB, based in both Western New York and Ontario, Canada was established in 2017 as the world’s first company to bring a direct alcohol – 40% ABV – 80 Proof, retailed in a 200ml, 500ml, 1.0 liter and 1.75 liter disposable flex-bag. We trademarked and patented certain parts of the flex bag that allows BIAB to stand out in the marketplace. With focus on the outdoor lifestyle, our Premium and Super Premium Spirits are retailed in lightweight, shatterproof, very convenient, eco-friendly packaging. Once empty, it is a tremendous space saver. Shortly, BIAB will be announcing a co-branding partnership with a major sports league, along with several and additional co-branding partnerships in the future.

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